Question: Are activities at the Legion ONLY open to members?

Answer: Generally, NO. We always welcome the public to visit and take part in all of our activities, and in fact we try to design them for your enjoyment. When we have a function that is private for members only it is stated specifically that way on posters an in our advertisements. We do ask everyone to sign a guest register when  they enter the facility. It is not an eccentricity of our club, but a requirement of the IRS.

Question: Do you take old retired flags for disposal?

Answer: Yes, we do. This was answered in another area of our webpage. There is a box inside our main door to place them. We periodically take them to a central location where several legion posts perform a ceremony honoring the service of the flags and destroy them with the respect they deserve.

Question: Will you publish your menu?

Answer: Yes, we heard your request. Look on our new website. It is out there. If you have a question you want answered email us at

Question: What happened to all the trees on the West side of the parking lot??

Answer: We received a letter from the City of Roseville saying that some of the trees were diseased and would be cut down. We came in the next day and they were all gone including the shrubs. Their letter said they will be replanting new trees in the spring. Possibly Aspen. We agreed with the city. They were looking pretty tattered.